Scottish Centre for Geopoetics

In 2017 I was delighted to join the national council for the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics, directed by Norman Bissell. In November I was elected as Assistant Director and joined the editorial group for the centre's online journal Stravaig.

[Geopoetics] is deeply critical of Western thinking and practice over the last 2500 years and its
separation of human beings from the rest of the natural world, and proposes instead that the universe
is a potentially integral whole, and that the various domains into which knowledge has been
separated can be unified by a poetics which places the planet Earth at the center of experience …
It seeks a new or renewed sense of world, a sense of space, light and energy which is experienced
both intellectually, by developing our knowledge, and sensitively, using all our senses to become
attuned to the world.
— What is Geopoetics?

In May 2018 I am organising a Highland Stravaig event in partnership with Heather Clyne from Moniack Mhor, Scotland's Creative Writing Centre. The event celebrates 20 years of Abriachan Forest Trust's community buy-out in 1998. Read more