SHORE: How We See The Sea, Invisible Dust

Across 2018 and 2019 I am working for Local Voices with Invisible Dust as a creative ethnologist for the arts and science project Shore: How We See the Sea. My role is to gather local voices and connect voices of the present with voices from the past through community engagement and fieldwork interviews as part of a national tour in 2018/2019.

Produced and curated by Invisible Dust, SHORE inspires, connects and reflects responses in Scotland’s coastal communities to the MPAs two years after their legal designation in 2016. The project aims to spark Scotland-wide conversations about “how we see the sea” and the role of MPAs in preserving or ‘shoring up’ our endangered aquatic worlds.

Invisible Dust has commissioned two new works from leading filmmakers Margaret Salmon and Ed Webb-Ingall, shot on 35mm and digital video respectively in close proximity to MPAs on the west coast of Scotland.

Alongside the screenings of these new films, there will be additional creative and scientific content co-curated with each partner venue providing local context; interactive community ceilidhs led by community heritage organisation Local Voices, and opportunities for everyone to contribute to an interconnected project network forming a ‘chain’ conversation across Scotland as all Shore participants and audiences are invited to respond to the ideas, thoughts and learnings of the previous tour location.

Mairi McFadyenComment