Research interests: 

Scottish Studies; Cultural Studies; Ethnomusicology; Ethnology; Oral Tradition; Traditional Arts; Ballad Studies; Storytelling; Performance and Practice; Phenomenology; Aesthetics; Embodiment; Embodied Cognition; Creativity and Consciousness; Cultural Ecology; Cultural Sustainability; Cultural Democracy; Cultural Citizenship; Cultural Rights; Cultural Policy; Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH); Bioregionalism; Localism

Current:             Research Associate, Intercultural Research Centre (IRC), Heriot-Watt University
2012 - 2013:     Postdoctoral Fellowship, Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities, IASH


The Space Between is Where the Maysie Lives: Presence, Imagination and Experience in the Traditional Ballad.

The visit of the Maysie is a metaphorical term in Scottish folkloric tradition for the experience of aesthetic ‘chills’ - the moment where sensation, memory and imagination coalese in experience. This project is an interdisciplinary ethnomusicological study, written for an audience interested in folklore, ballad studies and expressive arts. In order to begin to understand the embodied aesthetic ‘ballad experience,’ my research draws upon work in ethnomusicology, phenomenology, hermeneutics, somaesthetics, emerging theories of embodied cognition and theories of performance and practice. I am currently working on a manuscript for publication.

Academic Papers & Publications:

2017 (forthcoming), Publication: ‘Referendum Reflections: Traditional music and the performance of politics in the campaign for Scottish independence’ in McKerrell, Simon and Gary West eds. Understanding Scotland Musically
2017, Workshop: What would a Geopoetic Creative Ethnology Look Like?’ Expressing the Earth conference, Scottish Centre for Geopoetics, Seil Island,
2015, Paper: 'An Emerging Policy Context for the Traditional Arts in Scotland' British Forum for Ethnomusicology one Day Conference, Newcastle University.
2014, Publication: ‘Together in Sang: The Embodied Song Experience as Singularly Plural Russell, Ian and Ingram, Catherine, eds. (2013) Taking Part in Music: Case Studies in Ethnomusicology. Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, in association with the European Seminar in Ethnomusicology.
2013, Paper: ‘Songs and Sustainability: Exploring a Cultural-Ecological Approach in a Scottish Context.’ Traditional Song Forum Spring Meeting, Scottish Storytelling Centre
2013, Paper:  ‘Storying the Culture/Nature Relation: Patrick Geddes’ Vision Re-imagined.’ Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities, University of Edinburgh
2012, Paper: ‘Affective Heritage as Embodied Process: A Perspective from the Study of Ethnomusicology and the Traditional Expressive Arts.’ Association of Critical Heritage Studies, University of Gothenburg
2012, Paper: ‘From Representation to Experience: A New Perspective in Scottish Ballad Study.’ Innovative Learning Week,  University of Edinburgh.
2011, Paper: ‘Together in Sang: The Embodied Song Experience as Singularly Plural.’ ESEM, Aberdeen
2011, ‘What a voice, what a voice, what a voice I hear: Deep Listening and the Ballad Experience in a Scottish Context.’  International Council for Traditional Music, Londonderry, Ireland.